1. Assembling the school sensor

    I-5-4-02 pupil connects digital devices – 1st and 2nd grade of primary school – Digital technology

    PL: digital device assembly

    interconnection of electronics
    firmware loading
    sensor installation in school

  2. Get information and interpret data

    I-9-1-01 Pupil obtains information from data, interprets data, reveals errors in foreign interpretations - 2nd grade of elementary school – Data, information, modeling

    PL: obtaining_information_interpretation_date

    obtaining data from the school sensor
    highs and lows of values
    temperature-pressure-humidity relationships

  3. Problem definition and graph modeling

    I-9-1-03 the pupil defines the problem and determines what information he will need to solve it; the situation is modelled using graphs – 2nd grade of primary school – data, information, modelling

    PL: graph_modelling_definition_problem


    Free .csv files from school sensors on 26.-27.07.2022 transition of smoke plumes from fires in Czech Switzerland:
    Smíchov Secondary Industrial School and Gymnasium
    Gymnasium of the Memory of the Nation
    Sázavská Primary School

    data modelling:
    link to for modeling .csv data


    other resources for working with PL:
    Record of smoke plume transition on CHMI model
    Maximum PM10 values - hourly average Tuesday 26.7.2022 04.00 source: CHMI.
    Record of wind speed and direction in Prague 17.7. - 31.7.2022 source.

  4. Programming concepts

    The student creates a clear program to solve a specific problem - 2nd grade Primary School and Gymnasium - Algorithmization and programming; tests the program and corrects any errors; uses repetition, python, variables

    PL: programming_concepts_G

School sensor

STL files for download

Window or wall bracket for round elbow HT 75/87°
By Naesstrom (original model enlarged by 7%)

Knee-high insect grill. It is still necessary to glue a curtain over this grid and trim it.
by t0b1 (edited size and number to 2)

School sensor data analysis tool