Team Sensors for Schools

Michael Lazan

Promoter of citizen air quality measurement, open data and sensor building. In 2019, he joined the then "Luftdaten" project now Sensor.Community to fill the white map of sensors between Germany and Poland. In 2021 he founded the association Sensorvzduchu, z.s. It aims to provide citizens with the tools to engage in emerging policy discussions and gain practical experience with technology and data. Finalist of the Prague Innovation Marathon with the project Sensors for Schools. She participates in the Comparability and Digital Inclusion working groups of the Citimeasure project, where she works on the practical use of citizen measurements aimed at creating smart, sustainable and inclusive cities. He is also a member of the FAIRMODE (Forum for Air Quality Modeling) group, which creates methodologies for combining low-cost sensor networks with modeled data and official measurements.

Nikola Caric

The founder of the start-up DUSTEE and director of Nádech z.s., has been dealing with air quality for many years. His air quality sensor project has received several awards. It offered sensors to cities for locating pollution and working efficiently with data.

Alexander Waage

Student of cyber security at the Smíchov Secondary Industrial School and Grammar School. IoT, electrical engineering and their connection with cybersecurity.

"The project connects not only my areas of interest, but also other areas that I see as very important and believe are meaningful, such as citizen engagement, open-source, public data, awareness and education on the issue."

Lukas Kraus

"I am a first year student at SSPS and beyond teaching I am interested in IoT technologies that can bring something more to ordinary citizens, be it convenience or awareness. What I appreciate about the project is the effort to spread awareness about the pollution in the air we breathe all the time and to engage ordinary citizens so that the data is minimally biased and publicly available."