Offer for schools

Is your school innovative and forward thinking? The challenges of the 21st century await your pupils. Let's prepare them together.

Do you have children at school who think in context and want to participate in the future of all of us? Are you dealing with the involvement of digital competences in teaching in connection with the new FEP from 1 September 2023?

Just for your school, we have prepared the opportunity to participate in the international project Sensors for Schools.

What will the project bring to your pupils?

  • pupils will get acquainted with the possibility of amateur measurement of various quantities and ways of their interpretation
  • learn what AQI (air quality index) is
  • master the construction of an electronic digital sensor and its interconnection
  • learn what GitHub is, learn how to manage and store data
  • learn what free data is, what it is and what it means to us, learn the basics of automation
  • become part of an international community of 14,500 enthusiasts

What cross-curricular outputs can you expect?

  • ICT – technical innovation – programming
  • English and Foreign Languages – International Community – Deepening Communication
  • Social sciences – free data – graph evaluation 
  • Geography – orientation in the world – working with a map
  • Mathematics – graphs – percentages, quantities 
  • Biology – respiratory and circulatory system – influence of harmful substances on the body
  • Chemistry – chemical composition of dust particles 
  • Physics – sensor assembly – measuring principle

Current number of participating schools




duration 45 minutes
Number of students: 20
initial questionnaire survey

Displaying the invisible
What causes particles in the air
How our sensor measures, connectivity
Display of measured data
AQI index and where to find out the air condition
Introducing the international community
Sensor construction and wiring

Outdoor sensor measurement

After 2-3 months, the analysis of the measured results follows.
(Of course, the school can continue to operate the measurement, our goal is long-term cooperation.)
The school receives an output report and an output questionnaire survey is carried out.
We guarantee the service life of a properly installed sensor for 2 years.
Throughout the measurement, the school has charts, history and a widget for the site, at no additional charge.

Sensor price with lecture 3 500,- CZK - outdoor sensor

The price includes a lecture – joint building of sensors for a group of 20 pupils, 1 x sensor kit, technical support with sensor installation, widget for school pages, school space in the cloud with stored measurement data for the entire period of operation of the sensor (we guarantee a service life of at least 2 years), a warranty for individual components of 2 years, technical support by email and phone, presentation of the school on the global map of schools.

Price does not include – travel. As a continuation, it is possible to order another lecture (3 500, - CZK) for the evaluation of measurements after 3 months. The school will receive the results of the entry and exit questionnaire survey, the final report and the certificate.

The Sensors for Schools project is a pilot part of the European Commission's project – Technical Support Tools TSI-2021-SMATCITIES-IBA, chapter Support for citizen participation and support of green solutions in smart cities.